International Conference of Legal Regulators 2018

The Hague | 4-5 October 2018

Hosted by the Netherlands Bar, the 7th annual ICLR conference took place at the Hilton Hotel in the Hague on 4-5 October 2018.

The central theme of the conference was ‘Trust in Regulation’.

Conference Description:
Trust is the key to successful regulation of legal services.

The regulator must win the trust of the clients and consumers of legal services and reassure them that it is carrying out its functions in a way that helps them to make decisions about using legal services.

The actions of the regulator must help government and anti-crime agencies to trust that confidentiality in the provision of legal services is not being used to cover up unethical or illegal behaviour.

And above all, the regulator must win the trust of the community it regulates – demonstrating that it understands the changing environment in which they operate and that it is able and willing to remove the ‘bad apples’ from the profession.

The 7th International Conference of Legal Regulators touched upon all of these topics and provided participants with the opportunity to share their experiences and reflect on how they are dealing with these issues in their own jurisdictions.

Links to the conference programme and all of the materials are available at the bottom of this page.

The following materials give more information about the conference and the themes that were touched upon:





ICLR conference 2018 update: help design the programme

As announced at the end of last year, the 7th annual ICLR conference is taking place in The Hague between 3 – 5 October, 2018.  The Netherlands Bar, has begun the process of organising the conference and is looking forward to sharing the experience of its recently revised structure of regulation of the legal profession as well as learning about developments in other jurisdictions.


The organisers hope that the ICLR community will share ideas and provide input for the conference agenda in order to develop an interesting and interactive programme for this year’s conference. members can suggest topics and themes by posting ideas in the ICLR 2018 Programme group in the regulator community or by emailing the organisers directly at:


Full registration information will follow shortly.  An event website for this year’s conference is currently being prepared by the Netherlands Bar.  If you attended last year’s conference in Singapore you will automatically receive an invitation to register via e-mail in February.  If not, and you would like to express an interest in registration, please contact:

Once the registration site is live, links to it will also be available on the ICLR website.

The venue for the 2018 ICLR is…the Hague, the Netherlands

Congratulations to the Netherlands Bar Association. Their invitation to the Hague won the most votes in our recent survey which means that they will be welcoming ICLR delegates to the Hague in 2018 for the 7th International Conference of Legal Regulators.  The proposed dates for ICLR 2018 are 3, 4 and 5 October 2018. This is the week before the IBA Annual Conference, which takes place on 7-12 October 2018 in Rome, Italy.  We would like to thank the other jurisdictions for submitting excellent bids and we hope that they will consider hosting a future conference.

Upon hearing the news of their success, Bart van Tongeren, President of The Netherlands Bar said:

“The Netherlands Bar is honored that the ICLR community has chosen The Hague as the next ICLR Conference. We kindly invite all ICLR members and other interested organizations and individuals to come to The Hague for the 7th annual ICLR conference on 3-5 October 2018. We would appreciate to share our experiences with our recently revised structure of regulation of the legal profession and learn from other jurisdictions. We are looking forward to hosting the 2018 ICLR and would like to work closely with the ICLR community to develop an interesting and interactive program. More news will follow early next year.”

In conjunction with the Netherlands Bar, we will follow up with details of how ICLR members can help shape the conference content and agenda in early 2018.

We had an excellent response rate with almost half of all ICLR members and attendees of previous conferences submitting their views – thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.  Whilst the votes were pretty evenly spread, the Hague was a clear winner and October was the most popular month in which to hold the conference, so we hope that ICLR members and delegates are pleased with the outcome.