Who decides what goes in the research bank?

The community manager decides what to include, anything that they are unsure about will be referred to the governance group for approval.  So far, the bank contains some content suggested and provided by our current members.  To this we hope to add the Singapore ICLR conference papers, subject to the consent of the presenters.  But we would like more content and welcome submissions from members and their organisations, as well as from those not currently in the community.  Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

Can I restrict my comments only to regulators?

Yes. Inside the Regulator Community there are groups which are just for regulators, and members can have groups set up which are just for specified people. The idea is to support confidential work as well as work that benefits from wider participation. It’s very much like a real conference, where there are private conversations as well as open discussions.

How do I get an account?

When the website first launched membership was by email invitation which was sent to those who had previously attended an ICLR conference.  However, we would like to widen participation in ICLR.net and attendance at a conference is not a mandatory requirement for membership of the online community. To be eligible, people need to fall into one of the following categories:

  • people working for a legal sector regulator, in a regulatory role
  • people working in a role closely related to legal sector regulation who have been approved by at least two members of the Interim Website Governance Group (this category is designed to include academics, researchers, regulators from other fields, and other related groups)

If you think you meet this criteria and would like to join ICLR.net please get in touch with the Community manager and we will get you set up with an account.

Who runs ICLR.net?

Governance of ICLR.net is provided by a group of regulators who have organised ICLR conferences: the current hosts (The Netherlands Bar), the last two conference hosts (The Ministry of Law – Singapore and The DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales which supports the website as part of its commitment to best practice in legal sector regulation.

Is ICLR.net public?

There is a public area and a private members’ area. The public area has a bank of research and papers about legal sector regulation, and information about conferences.
The private area is called the Regulator Community. It allows members to post their views to the whole community, to groups of members, or to individual members. This area is for people involved in legal sector regulation. You need an account to use this area.