American Bar Association publishes bar exam pass data by ethnicity and gender

The Managing Director’s Office of the ABA Section of Legal Education has released the newest set of bar exam pass data aggregated by race, ethnicity and gender. The data from ABA approved law schools provides ultimate and first time pass grades.

The charts, which are incorporated into the section’s Legal Education Statistics, include aggregate data in nine different ethnicity categories for information collected in 2022 and 2023 also broken down by gender.

In 2019 the ABA revised the bar passage rule (Standard 316), whereby ABA approved law schools must have 75% of  students who take the state bar exam pass within 2 years of graduating from law school The section maintains both percentage pass rates for first-time takers and the two-year aggregate figure, known as the “ultimate” pass rate.

This is the third year this data has been published, owing to concerns about the lack of national data on bar passage by members of different racial and ethnic groups.

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