Bar of Ireland publishes independent review into the future of the provision of barrister services

The Bar of Ireland has today published a new independent report and strategic review on the likely future landscape for the provision of legal services by barristers with a view to identifying a strategic response from the Council to ensure the future of the profession. It follows a year-long process of consultation, analysis, and consideration.

The report containing 51 recommendations across themes such as diversity and inclusion, the use of technology, the operations of The Bar of Ireland as well as future growth opportunities for the profession, has now been made available to all members of the Law Library for their review and assessment.

Among its key findings are that the profession continues to be held in high regard among key stakeholders, but that specific issues around an imbalance in the allocation of work and the demands placed on the profession – particularly in the context of Covid-19 challenges – need to be addressed.

The report also identifies ongoing issues with fee collection from solicitors and clients with many experiencing downwards pressure when it comes to fees charged for their services.

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