Bar Standards Board of England and Wales publishes guidance for barristers in non-professional life, especially the use of social media

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has approved new guidance, including revised Social Media Guidance and new Guidance on the Regulation of Non-Professional Conduct. The aim is to clarify the regulatory boundaries for barristers’ conduct outside their professional practice, which can impact public confidence in the profession.

The BSB Handbook states that barristers must not behave in a way that diminishes public trust and confidence or undermines their honesty, integrity, and independence.

The revised Social Media Guidance helps barristers understand their duties under the BSB Handbook regarding their use of social media, both professionally and personally. It addresses issues such as offensive language, discriminatory behaviour, attacks on the judiciary, and breaching client confidentiality.

The guidance documents aim to balance barristers’ human rights with their professional obligations.

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