Event: Kingsley Napley Spotlight Series – Insights into Legal Services Regulation in 2021: promoting professional behaviours

June; 16, 2021


How can firms better identify behaviours amongst lawyers and staff that pose a risk to its culture and its compliance with SRA regulatory obligations?

Can firms learn to recognise antecedents, structures and behaviours that pose a reputational and regulatory risk and take action to eradicate or at least minimise their prevalence?

In our third and final webinar on entity regulation, we take a close look at four key areas that firms need to have on their radar when reviewing their risk outlook:

• Recognising and understanding the phenomenon of “Groupthink” and the particular risks it poses in the context of law firm culture and compliance;
• Preventing and dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment;
• The concept of fractured cultures: the risks of on-shoring, satellite offices and imported practices; and
• Reducing the risk of behaviours tending towards a lack of integrity and dishonesty.

Our expert panel of speakers will explore and debate these issues, following which we will be publishing a toolkit. This will draw together the practical steps taken from our trilogy of webinars that firms might want to take to ensure that their systems, processes and practices reflect a “good” culture and reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with regulatory obligations.

The panel of experts will be chaired by Iain Miller, Regulatory Partner at Kingsley Napley.

The panel of experts will include:

• Julie Norris – Regulatory Partner at Kingsley Napley
• Kieran Pender – Honorary Lecturer, The Australian National University and Consultant, International Bar Association
• David Gamblin – Lecturer, Department of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck University of London
• Emily Carroll – Senior Lecturer in Law, Senior Tutor & head of Student Development and Support, Birmingham Law School

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