Event: LawNet Annual Conference 2018

LawNet Annual Conference 2018

Friday 23rd November

There is nothing new about change. In circa 401 BC, Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “Everything changes, and nothing remains still” yet nearly 2,500 years later many people still struggle to cope with change and roughly 75% of all change programmes in organisations fail.

Today, with so many surprises in politics, both at home and globally; changing attitudes and expectations in the workplace from clients and employees alike; and technology changing at a breath-taking pace, the world can seem an unpredictable and uncertain place. Often the only thing we know for certain is that change is inevitable.

With the pace of change only predicted to increase, the ability to adapt and embrace change becomes even more important.

This years’ conference will explore the broad concept of change, giving delegates a deeper understanding of why so many change programmes fail and equipping you with the tools to ensure that your firm doesn’t get left behind.

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