Fit for the Future – Report of the Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation in Scotland


The report makes 40 recommendations to Scottish Ministers on reforming the way in which legal services are regulated and complaints handled.

It found that the current statutory framework has led to a complex system which is not accessible to either professionals or the consumer.

The review considered the current approach to regulation and complaints handling and investigated international and domestic best practice to inform the conclusions reached by the Chair.

Members of the review group provided professional and consumer insights into the operation and impact of the current system.

The Chair concluded that those who use legal services and those that deliver these services will be best served by independent regulation.

The Chair recommends that there should be a single regulator for all providers of legal services in Scotland, which is independent of those whom it regulates and of Government, responsible for the whole system of regulation including entry, standards, monitoring, complaints and redress, which covers individuals, entities and activities, and that the independent regulator should be a body accountable to the Scottish Parliament.

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