Former Nigerian Bar President states Body of Benchers is ill-equipped to regulate legal profession

The immediate past President of the Nigerian Bar Association, A. B Mahmoud, SAN, has said the Body of Benchers was ill-equipped to regulate the affairs of the legal profession. The body, which comprises of lawyers and judges is put in place to regulate the education of aspirants to the bar and consequently admits lawyers who successfully pass their bar final exams into the Nigeria bar. Mahmoud added that legal education regulation was dysfunctional. According to him: “The Council of Legal Education (CLE) is not a functioning body. It’s a very dysfunctional body”. He, however, regretted that the situation had led to the churning out of half-baked lawyers, resulting in loss of confidence in the legal profession. He faulted the Body of Benchers, which admits lawyers to the Bar, over its operational methods. The NBA president spoke at a session on “NBA reforms agenda” during the association’s Annual General Conference in Abuja.

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