Hong Kong Law Society to introduce common entrance exam

Hong Kong Law Society has proposed that from 2021 onwards, lawyers in Hong Kong will be required to sit and pass a ‘Common Entrance Examination’ in order to enter a trainee solicitor contract.  The exam will be set and marked by the society itself, and is designed to standardise testing across Hong Kong’s three law schools.

Currently, prospective solicitors must graduate from an LLB or JD programme in Hong Kong or another common law jurisdictions, then complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (at one of three universities) and pass the internal examination set by schools before becoming a trainee solicitor.

According to the future scheme, “a person may only enter into a trainee solicitor contract if that person has passed a Common Entrance Examination.”  Under this system, students will have to complete the PCLL course but will not be required to take the examination set by PCLL providers, which will be replaced by the single unified test.

Read in full the Hong Kong Law Society’s press release and response to Hong Kong University and HK Bar Association.


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