IBA joins condemnation of dismantling of Iranian Bar Association

The International Bar Association and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) have joined over 12,000 Iranian lawyers to condemn a new draft bill proposed by Mohammad Mosadegh, Legal Deputy of Judiciary.

The draft bill would replace the current Iranian Bar Association with a ‘Supreme Council for the Coordination of Lawyers’ Affairs’, with seven members appointed by the government. Currently, the executive-body of the Bar are freely elected, however under the new proposals all would be selected by the government.

Over 12,000 Iranian legal professionals and 180 former Iranian judges have jointly signed a letter of protest, in which they call for Chief Justice Ebrahim Raeesi to revoke the bill, and end the ‘illegal interference’ into the Iranian Bar Association.

International Bar Association President, Horacio Bernardes Neto, commented: “As the global voice representing international legal practitioners and bar associations, we are deeply concerned by any encroachment of the rights of Iranian lawyers and threats to their independent professional association. We call upon the Iranian government to observe international law and revoke the bill immediately to preserve the Iranian Bar Association’s independence.”

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