Law Society of New South Wales, Australia, develops form allowing sole practitioners to nominate a personal representative

The Law Society of New South Wales has developed a form to help sole practitioners safeguard their practice. Law Society President, Cassandra Banks, has urged the approximately 6,600 sole solicitor or single principal practices in New South Wales to plan for the future by nominating a personal representative and an alternate through a new online form. Banks emphasized that sole practitioners face vulnerability to disruption, potentially impacting clients, employees, and family members. The Legal Profession Uniform Law enables the Law Society to appoint an external manager in case of incapacity or death, but practitioners often prefer someone they know and trust. The online form, replacing a less effective pdf version, streamlines the process, allowing practitioners to nominate individuals familiar with their practice for seamless transition and continuity of service in unforeseen circumstances. Interested solicitors can access a podcast with Law Society expert David Viney for further insight.

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