Legal Services Regulatory Authority of Ireland consultation on admissions

The Legal Services Regulation Authority of Ireland (LSRA) preparing and submitting its statutorily required annual report for the Minister for Justice an on admission policies into the legal professions.

The report will contain the following elements:
(a) the number of persons admitted to practise as solicitors during 2020;
(b) the number of persons admitted to practise as barristers during 2020;
(c) an assessment as to whether or not, having regard to the demand for the services of practising barristers and solicitors and the need to ensure an adequate standard of education and training for persons admitted to practise, the number of persons admitted to practise as barristers and solicitors in 2019 is consistent with the public interest in ensuring the availability of such services at a reasonable cost.

The LSRA is interested to hear from those who are directly involved in the provision of legal services as well as from employers, state agencies, non-governmental bodies and other organisations and individuals who deliver and use legal services.

The LSRA is interested in views on whether there are any potential developments which are external to the legal sector (e.g. economic, social or technological) which might impact on admissions to the legal professions and the availability of the services of solicitors and barristers at a reasonable cost.

Following the consultation and other evidence gathering activities, the LSRA will draw up a report to the Minister of Justice. The final report will be submitted to the Minister by 30 April 2021.

Submissions may be sent to

Read the full call for responses, including what the LSRA would like comment on here.

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