LSB launches consultation on ongoing professional competence in the legal services sector

The Legal Services Board has launched a consultation on “ongoing professional competence in the legal services sector”. The aim of the consultation is to review how regulators ensure that the legal professionals they regulate remain competent over the course of their careers.

LSB Chief Executive Matthew Hill said: ‘Ensuring legal professionals remain competent throughout their careers will help increase trust in legal services and improve access to justice. We look forward to hearing from the wide range of people with an interest in this subject, including regulators, providers and representative bodies, within and beyond the legal services sector.’

The LSB is asking respondents to consider four themes:

• Defining competence and competence assurance
• Consumer expectations of competence
• Competence assurance in the legal services sector
• Competence assurance in other sectors

The LSB plans to engage widely with stakeholders during the call for evidence and is looking forward to meeting with interested parties in the coming months, and has expressed a desire to hear the views of international regulators on their views and experiences on the theme.

Full details of the consultation are on the LSB Ongoing competence: Call for evidence page

Consultation response submission deadline: 15 May 2020. 

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