Positive response ahead of new solicitor exam’s first sitting

More than a thousand people have signed up to take the first ever Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) assessment in November. The new single assessment sets consistent high standards for solicitors at the point of entry into the profession.

Bookings for the first SQE1 assessment closed last week. The majority of bookings – 74 per cent – are for candidates to take the assessment in the UK. The remaining candidates will be taking their SQE1 exam overseas, with bookings in 47 other countries.

The initial assessments will commence during the transition to the new SQE system. Anyone who has started on their training journey to become a solicitor – such as those who have begun a law degree, law conversion or training contract – can choose to carry on through the Legal Practice Course (LPC) route. A range of law firms have already committed to taking on SQE trainees, with many starting next year.

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