Singapore Ministry of Law launches the Legal Technology Platform Initiative

The Singapore Ministry of Law has launched the Legal Technology Platform Initiative, a programme designed to help the legal industry of Singapore to digitise.

The initiative is formed of 3 components:

  • The Legal Technology Platform
  • The LTPI Funding Programme
  • Industry Engagement Initiatives

The Legal Technology Platform (“LTP”), aims to support law firms, in particular small and medium law practices (“SMPs”), that face resource constraints in identifying, procuring, adopting and maintaining legaltech tools.

The LTP is a matter management and collaboration platform that is designed around legal workflows and can work independently or in concert with other legaltech tools.

Through the LTP, lawyers can view, track and manage the substantive (e.g. document drafts, legal research, team discussions and client instructions) and administrative aspects (e.g. time spent and billing information) of their matters in a consolidated view.

The Funding Programme will see MinLaw, with support from Enterprise Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority, provide funding support to help defray the initial costs of law firms, especially the SMPs, in adopting the LTP and legaltech tools integrated with it.

MinLaw has set up the Industry Engagement and Advisory Group (IEAG) to test and provide feedback on the LTP and further improvements to the LTP, and to support the adoption of LTP. The IEAG currently comprises 10 lawyers, primarily from SMPs, with a range of practice areas.

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