The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission makes recommendations for the Faculty of Advocates complaints handling

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) has released a report on the Faculty of Advocates’ conduct complaint handling process, describing it as overly complex and difficult for lay complainers to navigate. This complexity, the report suggests, is likely to cause confusion and frustration thus undermining public confidence. The SLCC has suggested five improvements for the Faculty to make: Clarification of its disciplinary rules, creation of a complaints policy and procedure manual, a review of the training of Complaints Committee members, the establishment of sanctions guidance, and better guidance for complainers.

The SLCC emphasises in its recommendations, the importance of making the complaints process understandable and accessible, with clearer timescales, in order to reduce the stress involved for all parties and ensure public accountability in decision-making. The Faculty of Advocates has accepted most of the recommendations and plans to implement them promptly.

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