Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales consults on proposed corporate strategy 2023-2026

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has launched a consultation on its Corporate Strategy 2023-2026. The plan focuses on 4 high level objectives:

  • Delivering high professional standards – This means setting, upholding and promoting high professional standards for those we regulate, in a way that is fair, proportionate and robust.
  • Strengthening our risk based and proactive regulation – This means delivering and supporting better regulation through proactive and risk-based activity using robust evidence based on our data, insights and intelligence.
  • Supporting innovation and technology – This means keeping up to date with and actively supporting innovation and technology that improves the delivery of legal services and access to them, particularly for individuals and small businesses, as well as supporting small firms to use technology effectively.
  • Being an authoritative and inclusive organisation meeting the needs of the public, consumers, those we regulate and its staff – This means placing our customers at the heart of all we do, working as an authoritative, inclusive and responsive organisation.

The business plan also comes with an overarching mission statement for the first time. For the next three years all objectives will support the goal of ‘enhancing confidence in legal services’.

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