South Africa Divides Regulation and Representation Functions


In November 2018, South Africa promulgated its Legal Practice Act of 2014. The Act established to new statutory body that will regulate advocates and attorneys – the Legal Practice Council. According to the justice department, the implementation of the act regulates all legal practitioners, candidate legal practitioners and juristic entities for the first time in the history of SA. The Legal Practice Council replaces the four statutory provincial law societies, which have, to date, fulfilled the dual purpose of regulating and representing attorneys. The Legal Practice Council has issued a call for nominations of Provincial Council members to fill its ranks.

The Law Society of South Africa has amended its constitution, and now acts as the professional association and representative body for all South African attorneys. The Law Society of SA has previously welcomed the signing of the Legal Practice Bill into law saying it would usher in a transparent, transformed, public-centred and responsive profession, changes the profession has long supported. As the system is still undergoing its transformation, some lawyers remain uncertain about the roles and responsibilities of each body. This has prompted the Law Society to release guidance to clarify the confusion over its new role and continuation.

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