Shenzhen Lawyers Association launches legal service directory

As part of an ongoing effort to specialise and promote legal business skills in the region, the Shenzhen Lawyers Association has recently launched a legal services directory, to more effectively allow consumers to purchase legal services. The directory currently includes 331 different legal service products and providers, with 27 different categories, including family law, labour, real estate, intellectual property and environmental law as well as areas more specific to the region, such as public-private partnership law and internet finance. As well as this, providers are required to include indicative costs, fee structures and schedules of work for different types of matters. The goal being to promote access to justice, increase consumer knowledge and promote trust in legal services.

Alongside this the association has launched new professional standards for lawyers, these are focused on business skills and practice management. The standards have been developed to promote confidence in professional management of matters, alongside existing legal skills.

Read more about the directory and standards here (Available via google translate).

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