The American Bar Association provides some expert tips for practicing ethically

Theresa Gronkiewicz writes that after a career of representing lawyers in complaints issues there are a number of issues that come up time and again which could be avoided by implementing a strong practice management system and common-sense approach to law.

There are 12 tips including:

  • Implement strong law office management procedures
  • Learn to identify when someone will become a problem client
  • Only use client funds for their intended purpose
  • Communicate effectively with your client
  • Be diligent in attending client matters until the matter is resolved
  • Be open and honest with your client and others in the profession
  • Honour client confidences
  • Rules of professional conduct apply to all communications via the internet
  • Carefully consider any conflict of interest
  • Be civil and professional
  • Think through any potential ethical dilemma
  • Remain abreast of the law

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