The Bar Standards Board of England and Wales discusses the use of ChatGPT in court

The Bar Standards Board of England and Wales has discussed the use of ChatGPT in court in a new blog. AI and advanced digital technologies are changing legal practice, with firms implementing digital transformation opportunities and barristers engaging in virtual consultations and hearings. The Legal Services Board, the oversight regulator, promotes technology and innovation to improve access to legal services.

The blog continued to discuss a case in which the use of ChatGPT has gone wrong:

Two lawyers in a New York court case used ChatGPT, an AI language model, to draft court submissions without fully understanding how it operates. The AI-generated legal analysis was faulty and contained fictional citations. The lawyer handling the case was not authorized to practice in federal courts, and his colleague carried out court proceedings on his behalf. When challenged, they falsely claimed a vacation and concealed their colleague’s involvement.

The cases highlight the intersection of AI and professional responsibility in legal practice, emphasizing the need for barristers to navigate the changing terrain safely and effectively for clients.

Read the full blog here.

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