The Law Society of New South Wales proposes new rules to modernise Law Society governance for the future

The Law society of New South Wales has proposed new rules to modernise the Law Society governance to help the body modernise.

Guided by a recent membership online survey and advice from corporate governance experts Cameron Ralph Khoury, the Council identified four key areas to improve its effectiveness and agility in representing the profession.

The Annual General Meeting will decide whether to adopt the following reforms:

  • Reduce the Council size from 21 to 15, by halving Council Reserved Positions;
  • A term limit of three consecutive three-year terms;
  • Removing the position of Treasurer; and
  • Introducing flexibility for Council to extend a President’s term under extenuating circumstances.

Should members approve these changes at the AGM, the Council will work on two further non-constitutional changes. These further improvements will involve the development of a more clarified role description for the President, so that activities are focused on adding most value to the Law Society, and the introduction of a skills-focused CV requirement for candidates seeking election to Council, which will enhance the skills mix of Councillors.

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