The Law Society of New South Wales to establish a taskforce to help solicitors navigate AI

The Law Society of New South Wales, under new President Brett McGrath, will establish a taskforce of legal and tech experts to aid 40,000 solicitors in navigating AI opportunities and challenges while guiding government regulations. This initiative, announced during the 2024 Law Term opening, underscores the society’s commitment to supporting the profession amid technological advancements shaping legal services.

McGrath’s priorities for his term include focusing on AI’s impact on the legal field, solicitors’ community service, and their wellbeing, aiming to address mental health concerns and promote retired lawyers’ continued contributions. McGrath pledges to enhance community awareness of solicitors’ services beyond billable hours and to work towards a fair justice system. His tenure aims to uphold the rule of law, promote fairness, and ensure the legal profession’s integrity and public trust.

This suggests an acceptance that AI is here to stay within the legal profession and must be understood and managed properly if it is to be used safely and effectively.

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