The Solicitors Regulation Authority has initiated a consultation on its potential regulation of certain types of paralegals

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has initiated a consultation regarding proposed rule changes to enable the regulation of non-authorized members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX).

This follows CILEX’s proposal to re-delegate regulation to the SRA. While a previous consultation addressed regulation of authorized CILEX members, this new consultation focuses specifically on non-authorized members, as per CILEX’s request.

The potential re-delegation, discussed since 2022, has been mooted by CILEX as a positive development for consumers and the legal landscape, which would enhance the clarity and accessibility of certain types of legal services offered by legal executives. The proposed framework would involve a separate Code of Conduct aligned with solicitors’ standards but adapted for the roles played by CILEX members. There would also be a distinct route to authorization for CILEX members and the cost of regulating authorized CILEX lawyers would be recouped through their practising certificate fees.

Stakeholders have until May 15, 2024 to provide feedback to the consultation and this  will be reviewed by the SRA Board in June. If both parties agree to proceed, an application to the Legal Services Board would be required to enact the regulatory changes.

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