Free Movement of Services: Challenges to the Implementation of Cross-border Legal Practice within EAC

The Protocol Establishing the East African Community Common Market, 2010 guarantees free movement of services supplied by nationals of Partner States, and the free movement of services and suppliers who are nationals of the Partner States within the EAC. This implies that the persons supplying services should be able to supply the services to the consumers in other Partner States without discrimination. Cross-border legal practice largely involves an advocate performing legal professional work beyond his or her home state. An advocate can offer legal services outside his or her country where he or she is licensed to practice. This article examines the legal service as a commodity under international trade. By extension, it looks at cross-border legal practice within the EAC Common Market and the challenges to its implementation. It concludes by noting that there is need for the promotion of cross border legal practice in an integrated EAC.

Citation: Lumumba, Fleming Omondi, Free Movement of Services: Challenges to the Implementation of Cross-Border Legal Practice within EAC (November 6, 2017).

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