This article builds on the many calls for teaching business acumen and transactional skills in law school with a timely insight: the shift to remote legal education creates opportunities to do so, in particular by incorporating practice problems and mini-simulations in doctrinal courses. Weaving together the literature on emerging best practices in online legal education, cognitive psychology, and the science of teaching and learning, Prof. Reise argues that adding formative assessments and experiential education is effective teaching and is critical in remote learning.

Offering vivid examples from her experience teaching Business Organizations online, she urges law teachers to use the opportunity presented by the shift to remote education to incorporate problems and simulations as an effective way to motivate students to prepare for class, to expose them to transactional practice skills, and to effectively teach key doctrinal concepts.

Reise, Jennifer, Moving Ahead: Finding Opportunities for Transactional Training in Remote Legal Education (August 12, 2020). William Mitchell Law Review, Forthcoming.

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