In this new Sixth Edition, the longest running professional responsibility book on the market, Problems in Professional Responsibility for a Changing Profession, has been thoroughly updated and rearranged by its current and two new authors. New and expanded materials in this Edition address cybersecurity, access to justice, judicial ethics and disqualification, the ABA’s Ethics 20/20 amendments, and lawyers’ obligations within firms and other organizations, among other timely or recurring topics. The book has retained its original problem-oriented focus on ethical issues faced in everyday practice, its exploration of current issues faced by the legal profession, and its unique section examining the demographics, structure, and organization of the profession. The need of our profession to take account of our changing world is apparent in every chapter of the new edition.

The Introduction and Chapter 1 (plus the Tables of Contents and Authorities) are downloadable here for prospective adopters’ reference. The full book is available in both hardback and electronic versions from the publisher (Carolina Academic Press), and an electronic version of the Teacher’s Manual is available to adopters and prospective adopters.

Citation: Kaufman, Andrew L and Wilkins, David B. and Wald, Eli and Swisher, Keith, New Legal Ethics Textbook: Problems in Professional Responsibility for a Changing Profession — Sixth Edition (September 5, 2017). Problems in Professional Responsibility for a Changing Profession, Carolina Academic Press; 6th ed. 2017; U Denver Legal Studies Research Paper No. 17-28.

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