OECD: Protecting and promoting competition in response to ‘disruptive’ innovations in legal services

This document was prepared by the OECD Secretariat to serve as an issues paper at the 61th meeting of the OECD Working Party No. 2 on Competition and Regulation (13 June 2016).

This paper introduces recent disruptive innovations in legal services markets, as well as the overarching trends giving rise to them. The role for competition authorities in the face of legal services disruptive innovation, particularly with respect to competition advocacy, is also identified. The rationale for legal services regulations and the composition of these regulations is then briefly summarised. It is hoped that this will provide a starting point for the discussion that follows of the impact of disruptive innovations on the motivations for, and design of, current regulations.

Link to full report: OECD disruptive innovation and legal services

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