The profession(s) engagements with LawTech: Narratives and archetypes of future law

This article argues that there are three narratives to technology’s role in augmenting, disrupting or ending the current legal services environment—each of which gives life to particular legal professional archetypes in how lawyers react to LawTech. In tracing these influential narratives and associated archetypes, we map the evolving role of LawTech, the legal profession and legal services delivery. The article concludes by proffering a further narrative of technology’s role in law known as ‘adaptive professionalism’, which emphasises the complex, contextual nature of the legal professional field. Through this normative rather than descriptive account it is suggested that the profession may access the benefits of technological developments while holding on to essential notions of ethical conduct, access to justice and the rule of law.

Webley, L., Flood, J., Webb, J., Bartlett, F., Galloway, K., & Tranter, K. (2019). The profession (s)’engagements with LawTech: Narratives and archetypes of future law. Law, Tech. & Hum.1, 6.

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