The Role of Ethics Audits in Improving Management Systems and Practices: An Empirical Examination of Management-Based Regulation of Law Firms

Using management-based principles, this Article discusses steps to take to encourage ethics audits ‘to merge good ethics and good business’ in the United States of America.

For decades, legal malpractice experts have urged lawyers to implement risk management measures, and legal malpractice insurers have provided audit services and self-audit materials. Under the Australian regulatory regime, incorporated legal practices are required to complete a self-assessment process and to report on the firm’s compliance with ten objectives of sound law practice. The article explains the foundational role that ethics assessments can play in reducing lawyers’ liability while improving the delivery of legal services.

Susan Saab Fortney, The Role of Ethics Audits in Improving Ethical Conduct in Law Firms: An Empirical Examination, 4 St. Mary’s J. Legal Mal. & Ethics 112 (2014)
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