A study by The National Association of Law Placement in the US has found black and Latina lawyers remain unrepresented at partner level

The National Association of Law Placement has conducted its 2022 Report on Diversity in Law Firms. The report highlights the “excruciatingly slow” progress for black and Latina lawyers at partner level across the US. Currently these two groups each make up less than 1% of all partners in 2022.

Conversely, women in general now make up nearly half of all associates and summer associates.

Looking longer term, the report suggests gender and racial parity is unlikely to be achieved at partner level within the next 30 years. NALP has collected data for the previous 30 years and sees a less than 10% increase in people of colour at partner level and less than 16% in women at partner level.

In more positive news, diversity below partner level has increased significantly, signalling possible change in the future.

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