Consultation on the unification of the solicitors’ and barristers’ professions in Ireland

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) in Ireland is inviting submissions as part of a public
consultation prior to a report to the Minister for Justice and Equality in relation to unification of the solicitors’ profession and the barristers’ profession.  The consultation is seeking views from a wide range of organisations and individuals in the legal services arena, including service providers and consumers, as well as academics, law firms, statutory agencies, representative bodies, non-governmental organisations and providers of legal training and education.

The LSRA is interested to hear respondents’ views on existing business structures for the delivery of legal services, as well as any opportunities or challenges that might arise from the unification of both branches of the legal profession.  Responses which provide insight into the experience of arrangements in operation in other relevant jurisdictions would also be useful.

See the final report.

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