Legal services reform in Scotland – regulation, international competitiveness and seizing opportunities for innovation

Edinburgh,  Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This conference will discuss the next steps for legal services in Scotland.

Delegates will examine:

  • Major proposals for regulatory reform;
  • The sector’s international competitiveness going forward; and
  • The impact of innovation in legal technology.

The conference includes a ministerial contribution – and will be an opportunity to discuss the issues as The Scottish Government consults on the future of legal services regulation following its response to the Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation in Scotland, also known as the Roberton Review.

We also expect discussion on the CMA research which is currently being undertaken, and anticipated to be published soon, to support The Scottish Government in its final response to the review.

With the review recommending the creation of a single independent regulator for all providers of legal services, accountable to The Scottish Parliament, stakeholders and policymakers will assess the next steps for government and what any decision will mean for the sector, its customers and partners.

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