Further fund award is an opportunity to connect innovative services with those who need legal help

The SRA have won a grant from the latest round of Regulators Pioneer Fund (RPF) to help connect those using new legal technologies with those who need their services.

They have been awarded £167,856 from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to be used to create a new network where regulators, expert research institutions and local government can work together to improve legal access within local communities. The SRA aim to do this by supporting, testing and promoting new and emerging legal technology.

The project will involve partners from a number of universities in the West of the country and Wales, as well as the Information Commissioner’s Office and the West of England Combined Authority. Communities around Swansea and Bristol will be engaged to test new developments.

Initially the project will focus on discovering what innovations are out there and the best way to connect them to those in need.

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