LawCare, a mental health charity for the UK legal sector, has issued advice to employers to combat loneliness

LawCare has issued advice to the beginning of mental health week in Scotland. This year mental health week was focused on combating loneliness.

LawCare has encouraged individuals and employers to:

  • Reach out to a colleague an informal chat about how things are going;
  • Share experiences about the challenges they have faced working in the law – which might make someone feel less alone;
  • If they are having a hard time, talk about how they are feeling to LawCare or a trusted friend of colleague;
  • Signpost to LawCare’s services wherever they can.

LawCare’s ‘Life in the Law’ research into legal workplaces wellbeing found that of a wide range of workplace measures available, from private health insurance to mental health training, regular catchups or appraisals were reported to be the most helpful.

Other particular recommendations for employers are:

  • Pay attention to vulnerable groups: trainees and juniors will often need more support
  • Build a culture of connection and community
  • Encourage people back to the workplace. Incentivise and encourage people to spend at least sometime in the workplace.

Ensure a work/life balance is possible.

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