Recommendations made following Canadian study into well-being of the legal profession

The original report showed the Canadian legal profession had significantly high levels of psychological distress and depressive thoughts. These came from a number of different causes, including violence and incivility in the workplace as well as organisational risk factors such as emotional demands of the job, lack of resources, job insecurity, compassion fatigue and workload….

LawCare, a mental health charity for the UK legal sector, has issued advice to employers to combat loneliness

LawCare has issued advice to the beginning of mental health week in Scotland. This year mental health week was focused on combating loneliness. LawCare has encouraged individuals and employers to: Reach out to a colleague an informal chat about how things are going; Share experiences about the challenges they have faced working in the law…

Supporting the health and wellbeing of Black attorneys in Illinois

The Commission highlighted the long-held stigma of seeking help for mental health, as well as the daily microaggressions, the residual affects of intergenerational trauma and overt acts of racism as being unique stressors for Black attorneys. Dr. Arline Geronimus coined the term “weathering effect” to evoke the emotional erosion that comes with the constant stress of racism….

The Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales is consulting on proposed changes to its wellbeing standards

The consultation, running from the 4 March – 27 March follows increased concerns about the level of stress solicitors are experiencing as well as reports of bullying and harassment. The consultation addresses two key issues: The SRA has seen instances of serious, unfair and inappropriate treatment in the work place. There has been an increase in…

Legal Sector Workers United report claims that 7 out of 10 of its members have suffered issues with their mental health linked to their jobs

The Trade Union survey of it’s members reported that 71% of respondents said their position had negatively impacted their mental health. This is compared to just 14% who responded that it had had a positive affect on their mental health. While 59% suggested their work was the biggest threat to their mental health. This survey…

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