Nederlandse Orde Van Advocaten, the Dutch bar, has set up a taskforce to increase support for lawyers facing risks of being used by organised crime

Nederlandse Orde Van Advocaten has set up a taskforce to better protect those working within the legal profession against threats from organised crime and illicit finance. The taskforce aims to increase the rule of law, awareness of the legal profession and improve the security of lawyers by increasing their resilience and improving safety measures.

This taskforce has been set up as an alternative to proposals which aim to deal with these issues in ways that are contrary to the rule of law, for example by restricting the free choice of lawyers and reducing the rights of suspects.

The taskforce will focus on improving the information available to lawyers based on research about the threats from organised crime and how it is targeting the profession, and on creating channels for lawyers to discuss potential threats and issues without breaching confidentiality. The taskforce will also look at whether current regulations need to be adapted whilst also ensuring that  violations by lawyers are still effecively reported to the supervising authority.

The taskforce will be looking to cooperate with other legal regulators to identify signs of attempts by organised crime to subvert the profession both domestically and internationally.

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The Dutch Bar Association will run resilience training for lawyers in 2022 after the 2021 offerings proved popular

The resilience training courses for lawyers in The Netherlands run by the Dutch Bar Association were so popular they’re running them again in 2022 for a new cohort, running a new series of 500 training courses.

These courses aim to teach lawyers the skills required to deal with aggression and threats that they may face in their daily practice. As part of these training courses are the provision of a Professional Groups Contact Point lawyers can ring after suffering a threat or if they have questions about their safety.

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Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten launches a new resilience training programme for lawyers

On the 30th of June 2021, the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (NOvA) opened registration for a new resilience training programme for lawyers.  The training is designed to give lawyers practical assistance to address threats encountered during the course of their daily practice. The NOvA developed the training in recognition of the fact that during the course of their professional practice, many lawyers encounter either verbal or physical aggression, threats and invasion of their private life. The training is designed to give lawyers the tools the protect their office and homes, as well as increase awareness of possible risks, and de-escalate situations.

The NOvA is offering 250 places for the free course, with classes starting in August of 2021. Participants will be given theoretical and practical training by both lawyers and securing experts, as well as the opportunity to discuss their own experiences. The emphasis of the course is on improving personal safety and dealing with risky situations through de-escalation of the situation.

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