Netherlands Bar Association launches research into innovation and digitalization in the legal profession

More than 1,300 lawyers participated in the recent NOvA survey on strategy, innovation and digitization. The results will be published after the summer. The survey is part of a broader investigation into developments affecting the future of the legal profession in the Netherlands, which the NOvA is expected to complete by the end of this year.

Changes in society such as globalization, digitization and increased cost awareness can have consequences for the administration of justice and the activities of lawyers in it. The adjustment to these developments can demand a lot from individual lawyers. Because of the essential function in a democratic constitutional state, the NOvA wants to contribute to the future-proof nature of the legal profession.

With the research into the digitization and competitive strength of the legal profession, the NOvA wants to map which developments are important for lawyers (offices). In addition to the survey, we conduct desk research, visit lawyers and organize group discussions.

With the survey, the NOvA wants to gain insight into the themes that are relevant to lawyers (offices), as well as their needs, possibilities and barriers to innovating their practice. Moreover, the results can show the extent to which the legal profession prepares for changes in the legal services with regard to the organization and digitization of the law firm.

Through (group) discussions with lawyers and law firm employees, a better picture is obtained of the state of affairs of the Dutch legal profession. This includes opportunities and threats, the changing needs and expectations of customers and the role of regulation. The working method of progressive law firms is further analyzed.

Finally, an assessment is made of the impact of developments on the proper administration of justice. With the results of the research, the NOvA wants to determine which task and assignment it has. Depending on this, the NOvA will then develop policy on this.

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