New trainee numbers remain near record high in Scotland

The recruitment of solicitor trainees in Scotland has sustained strong momentum for the third consecutive year, with 765 new traineeships initiated in the past 12 months. Although slightly below the previous year’s record of 788 trainees, this figure is notably higher than the pre-2020 levels, where the number of new traineeships had never surpassed 700 in a single practice year. The President of the Law Society of Scotland, Sheila Webster, commended this outstanding level of trainee recruitment, emphasizing the significance of these young lawyers as the future of the solicitor profession.

The robust recruitment is seen as indicative of the legal sector’s health and the confidence of law firms and other legal employers in the need for a growing pool of skilled professionals. Despite challenges posed by the initial year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the legal sector has demonstrated resilience in rebounding from subdued trainee numbers, surpassing optimistic expectations. The Law Society continues to provide support and development opportunities for trainees, ensuring high training standards. The sector is perceived to be well-positioned for future success and growth.

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