NOvA launches new platform on diversity

The Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (NOvA), has recently introduced a new platform designed to promote an inclusive and diverse bar. In 2018, the NOvA drew up a diversity and inclusion statement, the platform is designed to implement and practice some of the recommendations that came out from the statement.  There are currently 37 lawyers who are signed up to the platform.

Together with the NOvA, the participating lawyers in working groups will investigate options and put forward proposals for promoting (awareness of) diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. Issues such as:

  • How can we ensure that more law students with different cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds feel attracted to the legal profession?
  • Once they join the bar, how do we ensure that they stay?
  • Wider issues in the field of inclusion and diversity within the legal profession?

In addition to (online) meetings, a digital community is being developed for mutual communication and knowledge sharing between the platform participants.

Read more about the platform here (in Dutch).

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