The California Bar adopts new five year strategic plan

The Board of Trustees of the California State Bar Board of Trustees has agreed a new five year plan, setting the Bar’s strategic direction until 2027.

The plan includes four strategic goals:

  • Protect the Public by Strengthening the Attorney Discipline System: Administer an attorney discipline system that is efficient, accountable, and transparent.
  • Protect the Public by Enhancing Access to, and Inclusion in, the Legal System: Increase access to the legal system through public outreach and education, improve access to legal advice and services, and a legal profession that reflects the diversity of California.
  • Protect the Public by Regulating the Legal Profession: Promote the ethical and competent practice of law and prevent misconduct by providing education, resources, and support for the legal profession.
  • Protect the Public by Engaging Partners: Engage partners and stakeholders to enhance public protection and restore the State Bar’s credibility, reputation, and impact.

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