The Legal Services Board of England and Wales launches consultation on a new framework for regulation in the legal services sector

The Legal Services Board has begun a consultative exercise on how best to create more efficient regulation of legal services. The new system places greater emphasis on leadership, delivering the regulatory objectives and running effective operations.

The proposed new framework comes after several years of the existing one, feedback from the regulators, and research into other systems. It places responsibility on regulators and their boards to provide assurance that they are well-led and effective in their approach to, and delivery of, regulation for the public.

The proposed framework is intended to:

  • Place sufficient emphasis on effective leadership, capability and capacity of regulators.
  • Encourage regulators to take ownership of the regulatory objectives and hold them to account for putting these at the centre of what they do; and
  • Be sufficiently flexible to account for developments in the legal services market and the policy environment.

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