International Bar Association releases report setting out governance best practice to help businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks

The IBA’s Presidential Task Force and the Legal Policy & Research Unit has released a report entitled: Global perspectives on protecting against cyber risks: best governance practices for senior executives and boards of directors.

This report provides first of its kind global perspectives on best governance practices for directors and senior executives in protecting their businesses and organisations from cyber risks including cyber attacks.

This report provides background on the evolution of cyber security as a priority for organisations before digging deeper into best practice for ‘good cyber governance’, including active management, organisational risk profile, critical systems and data and security choices.

The report also aims to harmonise global efforts for protection against cyber attacks. This report includes specific recommendations to protect against cyber risks in small, large and global organisations.

While having a global scope, the report draws on reporting from Task Force members across Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, Singapore, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States – each of whom has compiled research and analysis on comparative practice across this diverse set of countries.

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