The Law Council of Australia’s 2016 policy to improve equity in the legal profession has achieved its central aim. The Equitable Briefing Policy 2016 aimed to have female barristers receive  instructions in 30% of all matters by 1st July 2020. A recent report states this goal has been achieved, with 31% of all instructions going to female barristers.

Overall, the 2019-2020 reporting period found that of the 32,995 total briefs, 31%  (10,291) of these briefs went to female barristers and 69% (22,704) went to male barristers. This has exceeded the final target of the Policy by one percentage point and represents an increase of four percentage points from the previous reporting year.

“Female junior barristers were briefed at an even higher rate, receiving 37 per cent of briefs,” said Mr Liveris, Law Council of Australia President.

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