Equity and Diversity in Nova Scotia’s Entity Regulation Management System

This paper was prepared for the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society as part of its programme to transform regulation. The paper sets out the equity mandate of the Society, and emphasizes that institutional continuity requires these values not be lost in the transition to entity regulation. It articulates the case for equity and diversity in entity regulation, and demonstrates that equity is fundamental in achieving access to justice. It identifies opportunities for equity and diversity to inform the regulatory framework, and discusses next steps to ensure equity becomes internalized both at the Society and within the entities it regulates.

Equity and Diversity in Nova Scotia



Transforming Regulation and Governance in the Public Interest

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society is building a new model of regulating legal services as part of its strategic plan for 2013-2016. This paper,  Transforming Regulation and Governance in the Public Interest, summarizes the results of extensive research in support of this work.

Transforming Regulation


Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Regulatory function: The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society is the regulator of admission, practice and discipline in Nova Scotia.
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