A Legal Framework for Robo-Advisors

The aim of this paper is to offer a broad framework to allow a better understanding of the current legal situation of Robo-Advisory. The disruption of robo-advisors as new market players in the financial sector are bringing new challenges that the regulators must face in the short term. For this reason, at this time, it is necessary to delve into some key aspects that regulators should consider in order to create and implement efficient regulation of this new phenomenon. The goal of this work is to clarify some aspects in order to understand Robo-Advisory from the legal point of view, taking into account the determinant uses of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Technologies to the financial services, with a brief and particular focus on the European Financial Market Regulation.

Paper Available Here

Pablo Sanz Bayón Comillas, Pontifical University Law School (ICADE)

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