Digital Justice: Technology and the Internet of Disputes (Introduction)


Improving access to justice has been an ongoing but frustrating goal of our society. The theme of this book is that we have new technological tools to resolve disputes and new tools to prevent disputes. Alternative dispute resolution, namely, mediation and arbitration, brought dispute resolution out of court. Digital Justice introduces the reader to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and processes that are bringing dispute resolution to cyberspace, where those who would never look to a court for assistance can find help via a smartphone. This book focuses particular attention on five areas — e-commerce, healthcare, social media, labor, and courts — that have seen great innovation as well as large volumes of disputes. Conflict is a by-product of innovation and we undoubtedly need new laws and regulations. But that is not enough. We will never have enough courts or judges. We also need new dispute resolution processes and, equally important, new ways to avoid disputes, something that has been neglected by those seeking to improve access to justice in the past.

Katsh, Ethan and RABINOVICH-EINY, Orna, Digital Justice: Technology and the Internet of Disputes (Introduction) (2017). Oxford University Press.

Available from the SSRN site.

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