Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Proposal for a Global Solution

Given the ubiquity of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern societies, it is clear that individuals, corporations, and countries will be grappling with the legal and ethical issues of its use. As global problems require global solutions, we propose the establishment of an international AI regulatory agency that – drawing on interdisciplinary expertise – could create a unified framework for the regulation of AI technologies and inform the development of AI policies around the world. We urge that such an organization be developed with all deliberate haste, as issues such as cryptocurrencies, personalized political ad hacking, autonomous vehicles and autonomous weaponized agents, are already a reality, affecting international trade, politics, and war.

Full paper available from SSRN.

Olivia J. Erdelyi, University of Canterbury – College of Business and Law & Judy Goldsmith, University of Kentucky – Department of Computer Science

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