Fenwick, M., & Vermeulen, E. P. (2019). The Lawyer of the Future as “Transaction Engineer”: Digital Technologies and the Disruption of the Legal Profession. In Legal Tech, Smart Contracts and Blockchain (pp. 253-272). Springer, Singapore

This chapter introduces two connected arguments about the future of the legal profession . First, the ongoing “digital revolution ” will continue to disrupt legal work as it has traditionally operated. Various aspects of this disruption are outlined. Second, in contrast to previous technological revolutions, the “deployment” of disruptive innovation in the context of the digital revolution seems unlikely to be primarily “state-led.” Instead, new technologies will be deployed by a coalition of diverse private actors (entrepreneurs, technologists, consultants, and other professionals) working in collaboration. Crucial amongst these actors will be the lawyer of the future operating as “transaction engineer .” The chapter outlines this transaction engineer function and its importance in the deployment of emerging digital technologies.

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